Waking up from a great nights sleep only to get out of bed and step into carpet soaked with water or soggy wood floors is a nightmare for everyone. Panic often sets in and you don’t know where to start or how to stop even more water from leaking into your home. Luckily, you can prepare before hand to know how to contain the problem and thus avoid further damage.

Do you know where your shut off valve is? Take a look around your home, it will most likely be outside, on the ground, under a small metal cover. There is a special tool you can get to turn this valve off and on. It is this valve that will need to be turned off if you step out of bed onto sopping wet carpet!

If you have the unfortunate event of having an overnight water leak, make sure you don’t go anywhere near your computer, TV, or floor lamps. Water and electric gadgets are a bad combination! Make sure you know where your fuse box is so you can turn it off and avoid anyone getting electrocuted.

So your main steps to stay safe after a water leak are:

  • Stay away from electronics
  • Turn off the fuse box
  • Turn off the water valve

Did you know that water damage can occur without your knowledge? You can actually have water damage in your home without noticing a flood or damp floors. This type of water damage is not as dramatic, but the results can be disastrous. Make sure you are using your senses, especially your nose.

Signs of water damage include:

  • Peeling paint
  • Peeling wall paper
  • Dots of mold
  • Moisture
  • Condensation
  • Musty odor

Make sure you are always keeping attentive to what is happening in your home so you can avoid water damage and save money by not having the results be as extreme. If you are prepared and alert, you will know how to handle waking up to a water leak nightmare and keep everyone in your family healthy and safe.